How much does it cost to inscribe a letter in the Torah?

You can find the pricing here.

I don’t know Hebrew. How can I figure out what to inscribe?

You can select an option to have us automatically generate a letter, word, sentence, or paragraph for you. To see the Hebrew alphabet, click here.

Can I choose a specific letter?

Yes. You can choose your own, specified letter, word, sentence, paragraph, weekly portion, or book, by clicking the "Select Your Own" option here.

What does the Be Inscribed certificate look like?

An example of the certificate design can be found here.

How big is the Be Inscribed certificate?

The letter, word, and verse certificate is 11" x 10". Paragraph, chapter, portion and book certificates are 11" x 14"

How long will it take for the certificate to be received?

Generally speaking, 5-7 days from the day it is ordered to the moment it arrives at your doorstep.

Is there something other than a certificate that I can send as an acknowledgement to someone?

Yes, you may make a donation to Jewish National Fund in honor or in memory of someone and an acknowledgement of your donation will be sent to them, or purchase trees in their honor.

What is Jewish National Fund?

JNF is a not-for-profit organization and United Nations NGO (non-governmental organization) that gives all generations of Jews a unique voice in building a prosperous future for the land of Israel and its people. You can read more about Jewish National Fund at jnf.org.

How long does it take to scribe a Torah?

Typically, it takes about 9 months to complete a Torah scroll.

What happens to the Torahs once they are done?

Torahs dedicated through Jewish National Fund’s Be Inscribed program are given to communities in Israel that need them most.

If you still need help, you may call 1-800-542-8733, M - F, 9am - 6pm EST